Pimp my Strip

Welcome to the starting page for getting your photo strips pimped and customised.

You've booked your booth, now you need to make sure the strips look the part. We have several (all free) ways to go about this and a few blog posts to help you out. Below is a description of what is on the post but we reckon no matter what you do it is a good idea to check all the posts out as there are some customisation ideas on each one.

1. You can create your own logo. We have a blog post to help you with sizes and ideas here.

2. We can create a simple logo for you, all we need is some info from you. Get started here.

3. You can choose one of our templates from where we can create a logo with your details on it. At the moment the templates are set up to cater for weddings but many can be changed slightly and made relevant for your birthday party, engagement or otherwise.

Remember it is all free and part of all of our photo booth packages but be sure to get your details or designs into us with two weeks to spare before your wedding so we have enough time to pimp your strip.