The photoboothME Glamour Gif offers limitless customisation. This page is about making sure we get it right for you. .

What can we customise

With the Glamour Gif, the most common customisation as with any booth is the artwork surrounding the images We can do both overlays and underlays on all images taken, shared and printed via the Glamour Gif booth. However we are also able to execute the following customisations that you might not have thought of.

  •  Animated overlays for both still images and gif's created by the photo booth.
  •  Add green screen backdrops to your images (This is $150 to setup and required a green screen background for the event)
  •  Change the 'from' name for your email sharing and add your email address to the "reply to" email when using email sharing
  •  Create your own message text with SMS sharing
  •  Customise the background and appearance of the micro site gallery that hosts all the images when they are shared (SMS sharing sends a link directly to this gallery, emails send the photos as an attachment as well as a link to this gallery)
  •  We can even change the appearance of the welcome screen for the photo booth.

What does it cost?

If you're providing artwork ready to upload to the booth then all this customisation is included in your package. If you are happy to use our standard templates for the overlay/underlays and provide us logos and/or basic text instructions for your customisation we are also happy to do this for free for you.

If you are after a solution where we design and animate the entire experience, contact us with a description of what you are after and we can prepare a quote for you.

lets get started.

Click on the below image that best describes your situation.





Gif's are fun. Burst GIF's, animated GIF's and Boomerang GIF's are all the rage. We personally know many people who no longer communicate via text messages but rather use GIF's.  Our Glamour Gif Booth takes this to a whole other level.


Here are a list of some things that we can do with our Glamour Gif Booth;

 - Create a burst GIF. Share it as a boomerang or straight gif via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

 - Create an animated GIF. Share it as above.

 - Take a still image. Share it as a above.

 - Brand that GIF.  Corporate? Wedding? Party? We can customise how your GIF looks when you share it. Heck we can even animate the customisation for you*

 - Add props to your GIF - digital, real or both. We can even create your very own digital props for $30 each.

 - Take 3 or 4 photos, put them on a branded strip and print them. You know like all of our other photo booths.

- All of the above, but with a Green Screen background (additional $150 setup fee for Green Screen)

 - Can't decide what you want to do? How about set the booth up to do all of the above and let your guests choose what they'd like to do with each use.


The Glamour Gif booth in it's basic format doesn't print but you can always add a print station for $250 and print up to 6 copies of any images taken on the night. You can even print extra copies from photos that are stored in the gallery. We can print 5cm x 10cm strips and 10cm x 15cm stills at the same event and even the gif's print (well the first image from a gif does we can't print videos ... or can we?

 All your GIF's, photos and/or photo strips will be housed instantly in an online gallery for you to share which can be password protected if you wish.

On top of all of this our Glamour GIF Booth is competitively priced and the package is full of inclusions and options.

*Additional fee's may apply for artwork creation where animation or overlay ready artwork isn't supplied by the client.

Enquire about our glamour gif booth