Glamour Gif Customisation - Expert Level

This is where we lay all the customisation specifications on the line for our Glamour Gif packages. If you're using this page you'll need to be able to send us upload ready artwork for each item. If you're out of your depth don't worry you can always check out the simpler ways to customise on our Basic customisation page. If you're after some examples of customisations we have done head to the Glamour Gif main page.



We'll start with a little introduction to some of the terms we will be referring to below in our layout description.

Layout Size - The size of the entire artwork

Image Frame - The size of the image(s) to be placed on the frame (the photos taken in the booth)

Underlay - Artwork in .jpg format that will form the bottom layer of the end product. Any images and overlays are placed on top of the underlay.

Overlay - Artwork in .png format with transparency where required to overlay the images and any underlay artwork.

X position - The distance in pixels of the edge of an image frame from the LHS of the Layout Border.

Y position - The distance in pixels of the top edge edge of an image frame from the top of the Layout Border.

Available Layout Sizes

Your layout size and orientation will dictate the size and orientation of your final product. The overlay and underlay must be the same size (pixels) as the layout size. All sizes are in pixels W x H.  Please note the top 4 are the best options if you are using a print station.

  • 6" x 4" - 1920 x 1280 - Most common for landscape layouts - also best size for printing 6" x 4" images.
  • 4" x 6" - 1280 x 1920 - Most common for portrait single picture layouts - also best for printing 4" x 6" images.
  • 2" x 6" - 640 x 1920 - Traditional photo strip size - the best for printing 2" x 6" photo strips.
  • 6" x 2" 1920 x 640 - Horizontal photo strip - best for printing 6" x 2" photo strips
  • Square - 1600 x 1600
  •  1280 x 1600
  • 1080 x 1920 (mimics Instagram story resolution)


  • You can have multiple layouts for your event - the user will be able to choose the layout they want prior to their session in the booth. (for example most events will have a single image 4" x 6" and 3-4 image 2" x 6" option available)
  • You can have mutliple Image Frames on each layout. Typically with a photo strip you would go for 3 or 4.
  • The image frames can be any size, you are not held to typical 3:2 or 4:3 camera ratios. You can have different sized Image Frames on the same layout.
  • Overlays can be used as a 'filter' if you want to change the opacity or you can have elements mask part of your Image Frames for example a floral border.
  • You don't need both an overlay and an underlay. One or the other will work perfectly in most situations.
  • You can animate your overlay for the images by providing multiple .png images for us to add.  The first overlay image will be the one that prints. The software will create a repeating animation from your overlay.

what we need from you

For each of your layouts we need the following

  • A text or word document stating the following. Layout Size, number of Image Frames, each Image Frames size in pixels and each image frames X and Y coordinates. Here is a template
  • An overlay, underlay or both the same size in pixels as the layout size. .png for overlay, .jpg for underlay.
  • For animated overlays you can send us as many overlays as you like. Label them chronologically. For example XXX001, XXX002, XXX003 etc. You can also choose if you want the animation speed to be slow, medium, fast or super fast. If you're not sure don't worry we can send you a preview of the speeds.

If you're doing multiple layouts of each size it's probably best to send them in a zip file in separate folders and/or name each template and overlay accordingly.

gif layout specifications

Everything that is true for the still image layouts is also true for the gif image layouts except

  • Only one Image Frame per layout. We can't do multiple gifs on the one layout unfortunately.
  • When animating overlays, if you have more overlay frames than frames in the gif the animation of the overlay will continue whilst the gif will be frozen on it's final frame. This might make more sense after reading the below Gif options.

gif animation options


  • Number of frames - you can select from 3 to 6 frames to create the animation from.
  • Playback Speed - you can choose, slow, medium, fast or super fast. By default we use medium
  • Capture Interval - This is the time between taking the images that will make up the gif. By default we do 2 seconds but you can choose anywhere between 1 and 6 seconds

burst gifs

  • Number of frames - you can select between 10 and 16 frames.
  • Playback speed - again you can choose slow, medium, fast and super fast. By default we select Fast with our burst gif's.
  • Auto Reverse - this can be toggled on and off. Auto reverse gives the 'boomerang' gif effect and by default we leave it on.

software and gallery customisation

Our software also allows you to customise other aspects of the photo booth experience for your event.

welcome screen

You can customise your own welcome screen. Scroll to the top to see what our standard welcome screen looks like. The welcome screen is 2048 x 2732 pixels and the buttons on the bottom for selecting the type of session the user wants to have is a software added overlay.


The microsite and gallery customisation typically consists of uploading your own background and logos. Here is an example of our standard microsite.

Background Image - should be 1500 x 996 pixels and works best when tiled as it will be viewed on different devices.

Top Logo Image - should be 820 x 450 pixels and a .png with transparency if required.

Text Under Images on single image page - you can also change the text under the images in the gallery. By default we have it set to " Share your Glamour Gif Images Now" but we are happy to change this text. Click here for an example on what we mean.

SMS customisation

SMS sharing is typically the most popular sharing from the Glamour Gif booth. Sharing images via SMS you can customise the 120 characters sent in the message prior to the link to their images. By default we use the following message "Click on the link to view your images. Follow us @photoboothme_australia on Instagram for exclusive offers and content"

email customisation

We can currently customise your

  • Email Subject. By default it's "photoboothME images"
  • Email from Name. By Default we use "photoboothME"
  • Reply to email. By default we use

We are working on being able to change the from address to your own address as well rather than the standard one which is

bringing this all together

Bringing this all together. Please send your customisation information and details to You can use this handy template to let us know how you'd like to customise the whole experience.