Inspired by Hollywood dressing room mirrors and lovingly crafted from brass and exotic timber in the blue mountains the photoboothME Glamour Gif Booth offers a one of a kind gif booth experience.

more than just a pretty face

By now you probably all know about the gif booth craze. The photo booth market is flooded with a whole bunch of samey ring light based GIF booths. In fact we even have one. We like to do things different and we like to create booths that not only function perfectly at your event but also make a design statement. This is where the photoboothME Glamour Gif Booth stands out.

Gif's are fun. Burst GIF's, animated GIF's and Boomerang GIF's are all the rage. We personally know many people who no longer communicate via text messages but rather use GIF's.  Our Glamour Gif Booth takes this to a whole other level.


Here are a list of some things that we can do with our Glamour Gif Booth;

 - Create a burst GIF. Share it as a boomerang or straight gif via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

 - Create an animated GIF. Share it as above.

 - Take a still image. Share it as a above.

 - Brand that GIF.  Corporate? Wedding? Party? We can customise how your GIF looks when you share it. Heck we can even animate the customisation for you.

 - Add props to your GIF - digital, real or both.

 - Take 3 or 4 photos, put them on a branded strip and print them. You know like all of our other photo booths.

 - Can't decide what you want to do? How about set the booth up to do all of the above and let your guests choose what they'd like to do with each use.

 - All your GIF's, photos and/or photo strips will be housed instantly in an online gallery for you to share which can be password protected if you wish.

On top of all of this our Glamour GIF Booth is competitively priced and the package is full of inclusions and options.

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