photoboothME's HD photo booths are the most popular photo booths for weddings and events in NSW. Their are many good reasons for this and we'd love to share some of them with you.

Choice of Studio, Enclosed and Naked configurations. Our studio booth configuration allows you to comfortable stand 7-8 people inside the curtained off "studio" area. This is great for getting the maximum number of people in the photo booth at any time. We're being very conservative when we say 7-8 people as we regularly see 14 or 15 laughing faces in a few photos from our studio booths each week. The Enclosed configuration leads to more personal photos of usually 2-3 people sitting inside of the photo booth. Again we often see 5-6 faces with some creativity. Our booths take up minimal floor space if you're struggling for space. The Studio takes 1.9 x 1.5 metres and the Enclosed 1.2 x 0.8m of floor space. The Naked booth with a backdrop means you should allow for about 2.2m x 2.2m of space. With the HD enclosed and Studio booths you need to leave some room for the attendant and for people to access the booth but we can incorporate this in the space allocation for the Naked booth.

Package Inclusions. We're about to break the world record for the longest sentence ever by listing our inclusions. Guiness book of world records we hope you are paying attention. The photoboothME HD package includes delivery, setup, packdown (outside of event/hire timings), unlimited sessions for the duration of hire, 3-4 photos per session/photo strip, double prints of each session in the photo booth (quadruple copies are available as well), a photoboothME trained attendant, a prop box full of hats, boas, glasses and frames, instant file sharing (facebook/email), full photo strip customisation, a digital copy not only of the composite photo strips but also of the high resolution individual files, a spare camera and a photoboothME technician on call with spare parts/albums/props should anything go astray. If that isn't enough until further notice all weddings, engagements, birthdays, bar mitzvahs or any other event that might warrant a guest book will get a premium guest book, acid free photo mounting tabs and silver pens absolutely free with all HD packages.

Our HD Naked option also adds a free fabric backdrop or gives you $50 off one of our premium backdrops. More backdrop information here

Customisation. Apart from the free photo strip customisation we can also offer some more in terms of making your event and photo booth experience different. We can customise the look of the booth itself, branding some of several panels of the photo booths. We can customise the curtains/backdrop of the HD booth. We can customise your prop box even if it is something as simple as sticking to your company or event colour scheme or having props that suit the theme of your event. Even our software can be customised. We've had the booth display screen start off with "Welcome to Alex and Sam's wedding reception. Your mission is to create a lasting memory of you smiling for their guest book - touch screen to begin mission." It had a photo of Sam and Alex and all!

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