What happens now that you have us all booked in?

We are just excited to be a part of your event as hopefully you are to have us. We can’t wait to add that element of entertainment and fun to your event. Below is a timeline of things that you can expect to happen as well as things that we’ll be doing in the lead up to your event.


Don’t forget to pay your deposit invoice within the next 7 days to secure you booth. It will be attached to the email that sent you to this link.

You can also get started on the customisation of your photo strips for your event if you have chosen that. There is plenty of information on this page here.

If you have a HD or Bespoke booth you get a free online album that gets published immediately after you event here. So feel free to tell any of your guests to head to the photoboothME home page, then to the event photos tab and find the images. If you’d like to password protect this album please email us and we will add that password protection at any time before or after the event is published . An idea for any personal event (wedding, birthday, Bar Mitzvah etc) is to use the surname of the person we are celebrating. That way the event title will look like “James’ 30th Birthday” on the website and the password would be “Smith” as that’s James’ surname. People who know James will know it, people who don’t won’t.


Don’t forget to pay the final invoice 14 days prior to you event. You’ll get a reminder from our accounting software the day before it’s due. We won’t cancel your booking if your payment is a day or two late BUT we won’t be able to deliver the booth if payment is not in our account at least 3 days prior to delivery.

This is also the time to make sure you’ve confirmed your logo/artwork with us. Don’t leave it until the end because it’s likely neither you or our design team will have enough time just days/hours before your event.

the home stretch

During the final couple of weeks before your event, the photoboothME team will contact your venue and confirm a delivery timeframe with you coordinator. We’ll use the details you provided when you booked. Then our scheduling team will put together a delivery schedule for your event date for the delivery and pick up of your booth. As a general rule we will deliver our products at least 1 hour prior to the event start time, often much earlier if the venue and our schedule allows.

We will give you a call between 2 and 7 days prior to your event just to confirm we have everything 100% correct for you. The photoboothME team member will go through location, exact booth specifications/layout, backdrops, logos, attendants, props, guest books and anything else you’ve organised with us so we can prepare your delivery. If we can’t get a hold of you we will often text and/or email you as well.

If you have any changes after this please make sure that you email us to make those changes, or if they are out of office hours please ensure you text Rupert on 0412 024 012 so he can update our team.

the day of

It’s the day of your event. This is the day you can sit back and relax knowing that our team will deliver and setup the booth as requested. Our delivery team work to the deadline of your event start time that you placed on the booking form and that you confirmed the week of with us. They’ll have the booth setup and tested prior to the event start time unless you’ve organised otherwise.

Our attending team will arrive 15 minutes prior to the booth start time. In this time they’ll do another test, set up any guest book or props you may have ordered, familiarise themselves with the manager and sometimes you and kick the boothing festivities off. The attendants will be manning the booth the entire duration of the hire unless they are taking a bathroom break or grabbing a bite to eat (which they only normally do when the booth is empty or during speeches or a time when the booth is not in use). On a side note. If you have booked the booth for more than 4.5 hours and are not able to cater for our attendant to eat please let us know beforehand so we can make sure they organise to bring their own food to nibble on.

Once your event is over, the attendant will hand you, or someone close to you the guest book (if booked), pack down the booth and publish your online event for you and your guests to enjoy and share.

When all is said and done

After your event we’d like to stay friends. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like a zip file of all your photos (this can be arranged at any time) or if you had any feedback or questions from the event. We’ll probably contact you to grab some quick feedback on your experience anyway.

Left to right "Teresa" the Bespoke booth, our new flipbookME enclosure, our hashtagME instagram printing kiosk and "David" the Bespoke photo booth.

Left to right "Teresa" the Bespoke booth, our new flipbookME enclosure, our hashtagME instagram printing kiosk and "David" the Bespoke photo booth.