Why Choose photoboothME?

At last count you had over 100 choices of photo booth companies in the Sydney and Wollongong Regions that we service. You might be asking yourself why would I choose one over the other? We aren't in the business of rubbishing our competition although other companies apparently are. To be honest we've seen many professional, fun good value and well run photo booth companies around at events in our time and even struck friendships with some of them and are happy to recommend them when we are booked out. Above all this we believe that we offer the greatest photo booth hire packages in Sydney and Wollongong and we'd love to list the reasons if you're happy not to take our work for it.

  1. Range: We've got the best range of booths in Sydney and we thing we've got just about everything covered. Booths you sit in that don't have an attendant? Try our traditional booths. A booth that fits 8 or 9 people (more with creativity) but still has them privately curtained off? Our HD Studio is perfect for that. An intimate booth with SLR quality images, slide show on the external screen, attendant, guest book and prop box all included? Our HD Enclosed booth is perfect for you. A booth with a floral or custom backdrop - check out our Bespoke and HD booths. A booth that shares photos instantly to email and social media? Our HD and Bespoke booths all do this. A black booth, a white booth, a timber booth? Yes Yes Yes! A booth that takes 8 second videos and converts them to outrageously fun flip books for your guests to take home?  Try flipbookME.  A way to print photos driectly from instagram at your event? Why that would be hashtagME
  2. Value: If you purchase your household products, cars, clothing and other items based on value then you probably don't just go for the cheapest option. We aren't the cheapest photo booth hire company (not the most expensive either) but we believe we are the best value. If you think you've found a better quality booth, providing the same quality inclusions and a comparable product we'd love the opportunity to be able to match that quote. That's how we ensure that we continually provide the best value quality booth hire in Sydney and Wollongong.
  3. We Deliver on our promises: Things happen that could prevent you from delivering, we know - we've had a flood at our warehouse, we've lost the wheel on our trailer on the way to a delivery and we have gone over and above to ensure that our hardship and struggles weren't passed onto our clients. We've even covered for other companies on many occasions when they haven't turned up for events. When our trailer broke down we didn't give in. We caught a cab, hired a truck, emptied the trailer, delivered the booth, executed the event at a loss and made sure the client got what they paid for..
  4. Quality Booths: Our Traditional booths may look similar to other booths you see around the place, but we assure you they aren't. We weren't happy with the quality of the computers, software and camera's they were delivered to us with some 6 years ago so we stripped them out and upgraded the computers, software, camera and printers to ensure they are more reliable, more flexible for your special hire needs and most importantly take better photos faster. Our Bespoke booths were superbly handcrafted by a metal and woodworking master craftsman and the hardware and software install was completed by our in house experts. We also rebuilt our HD booths in house after the above mentioned warehouse flood including with higher quality components to increase their reliability.
  5. Focus & Bokeh: Our HD and Bespoke booth ranges incorporate an SLR camera. Sure so do many other companies, but we are the only company that we know of that utilises the SLR camera to it's full potential. We set, then tested, then reset, then tested again our booths, software and lighting to ensure you receive the best photos out of your hire. What's the use of having a booth like our HD Studio or Bespoke booth where you can take intimate close up photos of just 1 or 2 people AND line up a group of people at the back of the booth to photograph all 10 of them when the camera has been preset to focus only for people standing right in the middle of the booth? This isn't a problem with us - we're set to auto focus for maximum sharpness where you want it and bokeh where you don't.
  6. Customisation: We are happy to fully customise your photo strips, and this is included as part of our package. Additionally if you'd like to customise the photo booth, we can organise that. Want our attendant to wear something in particular (within reason) - we can organise that. Wan't the software skin on the screen to look different - we can organise that. Wan't a customised prop box or set up props - we can organise that. After a custom backdrop - of course we can organise that!
  7. Customer Service: Photoboothing isn't our part time weekend occupation. Along with providing the best event DJs in Sydney and Wollongong it's what we do. Our office is usually attended between 10 and 4 Monday to Friday ready to answer your questions, create your logos, discuss your event and of course take your money. We touch base with everyone the week of your event to confirm everything with you. We contact your venue to arrange delivery and pick up times so you don't have to and you can be confident you're booth will be at the venue and setup well before your guests arrive.
  8. We don't brand our strips with our logo or website: If you've paid several hundred dollars for a photo booth hire at your private event we aren't going to use your photo strips as a marketing tool for our company. These are memories to be kept on a fridge or desk containing only photos of your guests on strips that you might have included your own message or theme on. Sure our booths are subtly branded, and we have business cards available for your guests who may wish to hire us in the future but we don't use the strips you've paid for as a vehicle for our promotion.
  9. Spare Camera: If you're photographer turned up to photograph your wedding or event and only had one camera you'd be worried right? Doesn't the same thing apply for a photo booth? Our HD and Bespoke Booths utilise an SLR camera. They take great photos but the shutters have a limited amount of clicks in them. A booth with no camera means a booth that takes no photos and this won't happen to someone who hires our HD or Bespoke booths as they have a fully functioning SLR camera ready to be up and running again in a couple of minutes.
  10. Spare Parts: We carry a full complement of spare parts. Printer, computer, modem, camera, leads we've got it all. We could rebuild a photo booth for your event should something go wrong knowing we assembled the booth in the first place.
  11. Technical Support: If we have a booth out, we have someone on call. In case something goes wrong. It could be a technical fault or more likely just someone turning the booth off at the wall, losing a pen/guestbook/prop box or something similar. Our on call technician carries a spare printer, tools, pens, albums etc with them and are probably sitting somewhere bored out of their mind waiting for that call or SMS.


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