In 2010 Musiq Entertainment bought our first photo booths and photoboothME was born. photoboothME instantly changed the photo booth hire game forever increasing the quality of products and fun factor involved whilst ensuring our premium products are great value for money.

In 2015 and beyond we are commited to ensuring all our clients and our guests have a booth full of fun at their event and we won't stand for anything less.

We live and breathe events. We live and breathe photobooths.

Our Mission

We are small team of photobooth hire revolutionaries that, for the past five years, have provided photo booth rentals for over 2000weddings, birthdays, corporate soirees and a stack of other events across Sydney and Wollongong.

Supplying quality photobooth hire is not a side project or weekend hobby for us. It is our passion, our lives. We strive to offer the most elite products at reasonable prices coupled with the most spectacular service. Our team will do everything in their powers to make sure your event is a complete success.

Why hire a booth for your event?

Photobooth hire is the perfect addition for weddings, corporate functions, parties, formals, uniballs, marketing events and product launches. They are nostalgic, fun and entertaining. They are often one of the most memorable aspects of any event.

Photobooth photos are ALWAYS so much more fun than your ordinary photo. They can often be more candid and much less inhibited in this over-posed, duckface era, but most importantly they evoke a sense of playfulness in everyone from 9 month olds to 90 year olds. 

And just quietly photobooths double as the best babysitter money can by. Nothing keeps the kids quiet and entertained more than posing for about a gazillion photos.

We can provide premium low cost photo booth hire in Sydney for something like a children’s birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, Christening or just someone wanting a basic package. However, if you want to bring in the big guns, our HD or bespoke booths may be more your thing - especially with social media capabilities that are awesome for corporate functions.  If you want a photo booth in Sydney, we are your dude!

For more information on photo booth hire in Sydney, please get in touch with one of our friendly and informative team.   Call 0401 193 231 or email We'll get back to you as soon as we can, it's likely we are just busy 'testing' one of our photo booths.

We are the OFFICIAL PREFERRED SUPPLIER of photobooths for the following venues

If you are hosting your event at any of the following venues, you get superstar treatment and VIP prices.