Wonderfully hand crafted brass and exotic timber enclosures and our latest HD booth technology combine to create a unique photo booth experience. World's best photo booth? We'll let you decide.

stunning appearance, superb photo quality.

We think our HD and Traditional photo booths are the best available photo booths in their respective categories. It wasn't a matter of resting on our laurels however. We decided to push the envelope, give it 110%, put our best foot forward and every other sports cliche you can think of. We set ourselves a goal, to create a booth that not only takes amazing photos but is absolutely stunning in its own right. A booth that was not only beautiful but versatile and functional. In the process we managed to create an entirely new category of photo booth. Introducing our Bespoke range of photo booths.

Left to right "Teresa" the Bespoke booth, our new flipbookME enclosure, our hashtagME instagram printing kiosk and "David" the Bespoke photo booth.

Left to right "Teresa" the Bespoke booth, our new flipbookME enclosure, our hashtagME instagram printing kiosk and "David" the Bespoke photo booth.

So we know they look great, but they also have the same award winning software, SLR camera's and functionality of our HD booths. The other parts of the design brief which we needed to hit were;

  • Able to be set up against backdrops, in open spaces, limited spaces or against a feature wall. - tick

  • To be all in one unit, including the printer - tick

  • Timeless design, equally at home in a contemporary, vintage or dare we say 'hipster' environment. - we hope this is a tick?

  • Easy to deliver up stairs so we don't need to charge you any additional stair delivery fees- tick.

package inclusions

Our bespoke booth packages have the same inclusions as our award winning and popular HD booth packages. The package includes unlimited sessions, double prints of each session, attendant, prop box, instant file sharing, full photo strip customisation and digital copies of all photos and photo strips. Just like our HD booths we're also offering a free guest book, silver pens and photo tabs for all weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and similar events.

Setting up the bespoke booth.

We can set up our Bespoke booth against a backdrop, facing a wall or looking out into your venue. Check out each of the options below.

backdrop options

Being a new product we are going to be consistently adding new backdrop options to the Bespoke packages. We currently have our bespoke flower walls in two different configurations, an amazingly lush green wall and a plain white backdrop and a damask print backdrop. You can see more information on our available backdrops here;


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