This page is to help people decide on how they'd like to setup their gifboothME event. We are cater both to clients who just want to take and share gifs for fun at their private event as well as businesses that are looking to get optimum eyes on their brand/product so we will start with the basics and get a little more in depth with each topic. Only read as far as you need to on each topic for your event type.


Our gif booth can be setup for your event to take single images, a burst gif or animated gif.  We all know what a single image looks like so let's not get too in depth with that.

A BURST GIF is when the booth takes several rapid first shots in succession and then animates these shots into a gif for you. The shots in burst gif's are typically 0.1 seconds apart and go for 2-3 seconds (so 20 to 30 shots) and best for capturing fast movements. When we animate we usually slow the animation down. Here is an example of a gif that we created with a 0.15 second delay, 30 frames (so 4.5 seconds) and it was animated with 0.3 seconds in between each image.

An ANIMATED GIF is when the images are taken more spaced apart with the idea that the subject changes pose between the photos. The animation is then sped up compared with the time taken between the gifs.  We typically do a 1 second lag in an animated gif and you can have as many images as you like. The example  here was created with the shots taken 1 second apart with 10 shots and the animation speed having a 0.3 second delay between frames. 

As you can probably tell from the previous two paragraphs we can control a few different parameters and they are yours to choose from for your event. The parameters are;

  • Number of frames to capture as part of your gif.
  • Delay between the taking of the photos which can be set between 0.1 and 1 second.
  • The delay between each frame when animating the gif. Again this can be between 0.1 and 1 second.

For your event, please feel free to let us know the parameters you would like to use for your gifs, or if you'd just like to take one single still shot. Otherwise you can just let us know if you'd like a Burst or Animated gif and what the event type is and we can organise this for you.

customising your gif template

The images taken in the gifbooth can be customised with the three different templates available shown below.

If you have a logo or an idea for the customisation that you'd like us to put together please let us know. You can see available fonts here and we can match any colours for you. This is a free service provided it doesn't involve professional design work. We are happy to help out with some professional design work as well if required at a reasonable cost. We'll let you know if what you're after falls into 'simple' or 'professional' when you let us know what you need. Most of the time it's simple.

If you are handy yourself or a professional designer creating the artwork for an event. Here are the artwork specifications;

  • All artwork is required as a .png files with transparency that overlay the images.
  • RGB colours.
  • 4 x 5 template is here as an EPS file with guides
  • Polaroid template is here
  • Square frameless is 800 x 800 pixels.

This artwork will be attached to the shared files when shared on twitter, facebook and via email. They'll also appear on the microsite that is created for the event.  The artwork won't however be shared on instagram shares, you can create a 5.12 x 512 overlay for the photos when sharing via instagram if you would like to add this as well.

Customising the sharing

Be default we allow sharing via the platforms below;

  • Email (Emails come from from with a simple 'thank you for sharing here are your images' email template.
  • Instagram - files share as videos on instagram and hashtags can be added.
  • Facebook - the default album name is photoboothME but this can be changed.
  • Twitter - can add hashtags

Obviously once the file is emailed it can be used on all social media from devices connected to that email.  You can remove any of the options from this list and only share via the medium that you prefer.

We can also create an online gallery with instant sharing options direct from the gallery. Here is an example the URL is customisable after the section provided the URL is available. 

If sharing, hashtags and where the sharing comes from is important to you here are some things we can customise for you;

  • From email and email template. We can send the emails from and you can customise who the email is from, the subject and of course the content of the email.
  • We can add your hashtags to any instagram and twitter shares
  • The album name for facebook uploads can be changed. The images can even be uploaded directly and instantly to your own facebook business page (you set it up on your end).

We hope this page has been useful to you. Please let us know if you have any questions at all.

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