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Photo Booths for Christmas Parties

At PhotoboothMe we think it’s time to start planning your work Christmas function! Now here are some useful tips and ensure that everyone is happy, having fun and doesn't want to leave at the end of the night. 

There are of course the obvious components you need to make sure your party planning skills are a hit with your colleagues - fantastic venue, delicious food and drinks. This will all help everyone escape the reality of work and end the year with a bang.

It feels like something is still missing… What could it be? Oh yes, a Photobooth from PhotoboothMe! Everyone will love getting their photo taken with or without props providing some great laughs on the night and for the year to come with photostrips taking prime position at everyones desk. 

Now you don't need to go much further, once you have the food, drinks and Photo Booth you’re ready for a hit event! Give us a call at 0401 193 231 or email to get a quote and lock in one of our awesome Photobooths before it is too late and you miss out.

How to get the most out of the Instagram Kiosk with HashtagME!

Do you want to instantly see your friends photos from your wedding or event all in one place? What better way than to encourage your friends to put their phones to good use and upload those fabulous shots from your ceremony as well as throughout the night at the reception to Instagram.

The first step is to choose your #Hashtag! You should pick something creative and specific to you as a couple. p.s. It is best to check it hasn't been used before. This means all the photos will be in one place for you, family and friends to view. 

Now you need to spread the word to your wedding guests as well as those that couldn't make it. Depending on how prepared you are - you can include the hashtag with your invitations so your guests can Instagram their pre wedding excitement! When hiring HashtagMe you get a great light up sign included to ensure everyone at your reception knows what they need to include when posting! 

We know a lot of people have private profiles to avoid those sneaky stalkers! No fear they won't miss out on using the Instagram Kiosk and getting a great print out of their photo! The trick is to switch to a public profile until the photo appears and the switch back and no one will miss out on seeing the beauty!

The same as those older generations attending your wedding that haven't entered into the world of social media! We include an attendant with an Instagram enabled camera or phone to snap your guests on our account to make sure no one misses out!

We also suggest that clients create an account that's similar to their hashtag and give us the keys to the account so that any photos that come from our attendant taking them will look like they came from the event. For the example in the photo above our client, Affinity Diamonds, created the account @affinitydiamondslaunch for us to post from. You might end up with instagram hashtag inception like this

Now the great thing is no only can you browse your Hashtag during and after your wedding but with our HashtagMe Kiosk you can add a premium guest book to your package. This means you can have copies of all the photos from your guests along side beautiful messages from them. Both the online and book copies provide you with a different aspects of your wedding.

We can't wait to see your snaps!

If you've managed to read all of this without booking our hashtagME Instagram kiosk then we have some more interesting reading for you here;

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Photobooth Hire Sydney - How to Photobooth 101

Haven't we all wanted to take the coolest photos in the Photo Booth at either your own or someone else’s gathering? But how do you make sure its going to get the fame it deserves. We thought we would help you out with some handy tips to put together the best choreographed photo strip EVER!

Firstly, You need to gather the gang. You need to be selective with who can help you create the most awesome photo… You don't want to be stuck with some distant relative that has no idea what they're doing. Consider the size of the booth and how many people can fit in to maximise the photo (It’s just not going to be right if there are too many people just squished in).

Now here comes the tricky part! You have to plan the poses, it just wouldn't be right with half of the group making the silly faces and the other half just smiling nicely. Keep everyone on the same page! The decision needs to made whether you are acting something out or simply being silly, either way ensure it shows your true personality!

And how could you forget one of the most important components of most Photo Booth fun….The Props! With the limited time of 4 seconds between each shot it is imperative to have your props lined up and ready to go for maximum posing time.

Now here is the most important secret to mastering Photobooths... Are you ready? It is all about having fun, there is no good or bad photos, they all make the night and you and your friends are sure to laugh about all of them for years to come. The key is to just go for it, lose yourself in the moment and the only way to find your way is to test out every Photobooth you see. 

Happy Photobooth Hunting!

P.S. When it comes to photobooths, there is no better option than the team at photoboothME. Visit to see our products and the great deals we have available.

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