Instagram Printing Sizing and Options

Hi Folks,

Just a quick blog post to help people who have booked our hashtagME Instagram Printer for their reception customise their print outs.

We typically have two ways that people like to go with their photo print outs. The most popular being the " Straight from your Instagram feed" style with the "Fully Customised" style gaining popularity lately. Here's some examples of both;

If you're after the full instagram feed style then that's pretty simple. You have about 1200w x 200h pixels of space at the bottom to put some customisation like a logo (corporate event) or your names and date (wedding). We can use up to 300 pixels of height but that might bleed into some longer tags, comments on the photos or we can delete/limit them to just 2 lines. If you've got artwork for this please send it through to If you'd like us to create something simple for you choose a font(s) from here and send us a clear description of what you'd like and we will mock it up for your approval.

To go custom you'll need to choose what elements you want on the print out. The photo below show's what is available.

Anatomy of a hashtagME print out.

For the designers out there the total printed area is 1200w x 1800h pixels with the designated photo area being 1115 x 1115 pixels (but you can make it a square of any size and place it anywhere you like). Then the rest of the print out section is yours to customise accordingly. You can even have part of the artwork overlay the photo itself if you like. Send us a .png file with the cutout for the photo transparent and we will just upload it. Let us know if you'd like the profile photo, profile name, date and users comments added somewhere and we can do that for you.

We look forward to your print outs looking great. Don't forget to read how to maximise the potential of your hire

Happy Boothing (or Instagramming in this case),

Team photoboothME