Why you NEED a Photobooth at your Wedding

As an engaged couple I am sure you have been discussing the needs and wants for your Big Day - and how could a Photobooth not have come up. There are many pros to including a Photobooth in your wedding day entertainment and we’re hear to help you outwith the decision.

The number one reason for hiring a Photobooth for your reception would be the entertainment it brings to you all your guests. There is always a queue to get in with loads of smiles and laughter being had by those taking the photo and those watching them being silly - It is always something that gets remembered as one of the highlights. You may think that the only people in there all night would be young girls wanting the perfect picture but I’m afraid to say you are wrong. The Photo Booth is a hit with all ages and even the boys like to get in on the action. You will find the grandparents in the booth with the youngest kiddies at your wedding getting in on the action - providing you with some great shots at the end of the night.

There is a special nostalgia about an instant Photo that you can take home and stick on your fridge or in a frame. It breaks away from you just having everyone taking selfies at your wedding, they can have a lot more fun (especially with the props). It is something your guests can take home with them to remember the night which gives you another good reason - they make fabulous favours. The great thing about Photobooths is that the photos are instant and that means not only do your guests get a copy but you get a share of the love. At the end of the night you get a digital high res copy of all the photos to upload to Facebook for all your guests to comment, like and share. They are a great distraction until your professional photos are ready. 

The final and maybe deciding factor in why to have a Photo Booth at your wedding is the premium guest book. Your attendant is not only looking after your guests but is also ensuring everyone sticks in a picture and writes you a message. It gives the traditional guest book a twist but is also easy to just flick through when you want a good laugh and smile.