Photo booth logos

As you can see from the photo below just about anything that can be two dimensionally presented is possible in terms of photo strip customisation with our photo booths. We can change add a background, move the photos around, have 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos on each strip, put a message or logo above, below or between the photos.

Some examples of customised photo strips from previous photo booth hires

We know every event is different, and for a lot of people they want their event to be unique which means we don't want everyone to have the same logo on their photo strips. Rather than just give you some templates (which we do also do) we would like to give you some options in designing your own logos, or having us design one for you.

If you have booked a photo booth hire from us then this is where you can decide on how to customise your strips.

Do I even need customise my photo strip?

No you don't - as you can see from the example a few questions below. The photo strips look great without a logo at all.

How big can my logo be?

Honestly, as big as you want. But since the idea of having a photo booth is the photos we recommend keeping to the standard sizes we have outlined below. Please note with the Large and XL logos in the traditional booths we actually trim a little bit off the top and/or bottom of the original photos. If you have another idea fee free to ask us and we will tell you if it is possible.

So what are those sizes?

We thought you would never ask. Check out the examples below. The sizes we quote are for the artwork to fit on the strips. The actual strips themselves are 151 x 51 mm so you will need to do some mathematics or just imagine the final size of the logo on the strip.

Logo sizing, photos taken from previous photo booth hires. Click to enlarge

Do you want to have full control over the whole design?

If this is you we can still help out. Here is all the information you need to know. The artwork for each strip is 1200w x 3600h pixels and the photos are normally 1065w x 710h each but can be anything in the 3:2 ratio of our SLR camera. Typically you can put 3 - 4 photos on a strip and we can even have the software trim about 80 pixels from the photo height before placing.

The artwork we load up to the booth is 2400w x 3600h pixels which gets sliced in half by the printer to make the two strips. Artwork can be provided as a jpeg underlay that the photos will be placed on top of or a .png overlay that goes over the photos. You can do both if you like.

When you send through the artwork please also let us know what size you want each photo and the X and Y coordinates of the leading edge of each photo on the 1200 x 3600 canvas. An example of this would be. Each image to be 990 x 660 pixels. 4 photos on the strip all with X coordinate 110 and Y coordinates 192, 1044, 1896 and 2748.

Finally please keep in mind that the 1200 x 3600 pixels when printed is only 50mm x 150mm so things like text size should be considered.

You can download an EPS template to get you started here.

Who does the designing?

You can design your logo for us, or you can have us design it for you based on your description. If you are happy to take what you have learnt so far and design your own logo then take the sizes from the above photo and go for it. Please send us through a high resolution jpg of the log. If you are after a background colour, pattern or photo please also send details of that through as well. Send them through to and we will mock up a photo strip for you to confirm everything.

If you want us to design your logo, there is a blog post for that. Click here to check it out.

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