photoboothME logo design made easy

Help us customise a logo for your photo booth hire.

If you would like a log on your HD photo booths but you haven't got the time, know how or software to design your own logo this is the blog post for you. If you can answer a few questions for us we can go ahead and design your logo.

What colour do you want the background of your strips?

photoboothME photo booth hire background strip colour examples.

photoboothME photo booth hire background strip colour examples.

Most people go with plain white, and most ofthe remainder go with plain black. But if you are Brazilian you are going to go with green and gold aren't you. If you want a custom colour tell us what colour you would like, or better still send us an image/file or even RGB or CMYK values of the colour that your would like.

Where do you want your logo?

Our traditional photo booths always place the logo at the bottom of the strips. I guess it would be a horrible pun to say that traditionally logos end up on the bottom of photo strips but I guess we just did. With the HD booths we can also place the logo at the top of the strips, or in between the 2nd and 3rd photos on the strip.

Did you want your logo to be only text? If so then what did you want to say in your logo?

Most wedding clients would like to just display the bride and grooms name and the wedding date. Most birthdays use the birthday persons name, sometimes adding the date, year or month as well.

Do you have a photo, image or element (e.g heart, flower, monogram) that you want as the logo or part of the logo?

If you answer is yes, send us the file and tell us where. Please note sometimes the image may be too intricate to be displayed clearly in such a small space or the file might be too low quality to print out well. In these cases we will let you know and see if there is an alternative. As a general rule send us the highest resolution that you can get and keep it nice and simple. Your logo usually ends up about 1.5 - 3cm tall and 4 cm wide so it isn't much space for content.

What fon't would you like to use?

We have some examples of popular fonts below, but we are happy to use any font you like. All you need to do if your font isn't in the list is send us the font file (.ttf please) and we will use that to create your logo. Can't choose between two fonts? That's OK just let us know which ones you are tossing between and we can mock both up for you.

Our selection of popular fonts, click to enlarge.

For those asking who Lazlo and Olga are, they are two of our HD photo booths. Yep we give them names.

So how do I tell you guys all this information?

That is simple. Copy and paste from below into an email and send it to Rupert. Obviously with all the answers to your questions and any other information you might want to add. Don't forget to attach any images/fonts or examples.


Background Colour:

Logo Placement:

Text: (please seperate into lines - usually 2 - 3 lines max):

Any other elements on the logo:



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